Welcome to Precision English

Looking for a first-rate professional writer, editor, or all-round text fixer? Need help with your marketing plan and web marketing strategy? Trying to figure out what your website needs to say and do so as to improve your sales?

For over a quarter of a century, I've been transforming drafts, outlines, and raw notes into clean, readable, compelling copy. I can also research and write what you need, to your specifications and for your audience.

I have years of experience creating web content and b2b marketing collateral, including a background in graphic design. My expertise extends to writing, co-authoring, and editing:

Web copy, e-books, and brochures
Organizational and business development plans
Reports and white papers
Grant proposals (over $2 million in grants funded)
Business blogs

I can audit your existing website for SEO as well as for clarity, ease of use, and overall design--or I can help you create a new one from scratch. I partner with web developers and visual designers, and I can work with you end to end to get your website done right.

Contact me with your writing or web content needs and I'll give you a free consultation.

I'm a veteran academic, technical, and developmental editor, too. I can help you complete:

Dissertations and theses
Scientific and technical papers and monographs
Conference proceedings
Nonfiction books (memoirs, how-to books)

I'm also lay-literate in medicine, law, political economy, energy, and other technical fields.

Send me a three-page sample and I'll show you what I can do, absolutely free.

Green Business and Nonprofit Services

I choose to work with for-profit and nonprofit organizations that improve the lives of their clients or customers, their employees, and the natural and social environment. I especially want to work with young cleantech companies.

Web content writing and editing, including site architecture and SEO

Marketing plans, including SWOT analysis and brand definition

Brochures and other print collateral

Whitepaper and newsletter co-authoring or editing

Business plans and grant proposals

Perfect Pitch: Creating Audience-Appropriate Content

Editing and co-writing are two poles of the same process. I help authors create clear, concise, readable, informative text whose style and form perfectly fit its purpose.

Developmental, structural, and copy editing for books, journal articles, and dissertations

Ghostwriting technical, business, and nonfiction content

Local and national companies and organizations I have helped since 2009: